Batumi Tour

Situated in the south-west of Georgia on the Black Sea coast, town Batumi and its surroundings is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. The ever-changing colors of the sea wash against a subtropical coastline of palm trees and tea plantations backed by forested hills. The natural beauty of this region is matched by the fascinating history of a region that spent three centuries under Turkish rule and is still home to a population of Georgian Muslims and yet has maintained its Georgian language and culture throughout.

Batumi is the largest city in the region and Georgia’s main port. Its graceful white architecture and subtropical vegetation make it unique among Georgian cities and a magnet for foreign visitors and Georgians alike.

Visit Gonio fortress

First of all we will take our way to Gonio fortress (1st AD) which was well-known first as a Roman-Byzantine settlement . But later it used to change its rulers from the Turkish to the Georgians. Its history is closely bound with the myth about the Argonauts.

Visit Botanical Gardens

Then we head to the Botanical Gardens. The latter was founded in 1912 and nowadays displays approximately 5000 species of plants distributed in 9 geographical zones.

walking tour in the city centre

At the end of the excursion we will take a walk in the along  central boulevard of the city.