Extreme Tours

Extreme Tours


The Georgia Heliski trip is the perfect choice for skiers who want to enjoy skiing in one of the world’s little-known heliskiing destinations.


Fancy to experience the vast wilderness, abundant snowfalls and exceptional ski terrain of the majestic Caucasus Mountains? Try the heli-skiing in Georgia that will be a truly spectacular adventure. Operating under rigorous safety standards with committed professionals we proudly deliver a high-quality and unforgettable heli-skiing/boarding experience to our guests.


 If you are seeking adventure in Georgia, do rafting!



    Georgia is very rich in water resources and several rivers have been used for rafting for years now.
    One of the best destinations for beginners is Pshavi’s Aragvi, with easy difficulty rate that covers 15 km. and lasts for 1h 30 minutes. Professional rafting instructors arrange challenging competitions during the trip.

   The rafting tour starts in vil. Magharoskari and ends in vil. Tvalivi. After the tour the travellers enjoy picnic at the Aragvi River.

Other option includes 2 day trip to western region of Racha, to Rioni River. Difficulty varies from season to season.

Or go white-water rafting trip that leads you to the Aragvi River near Pasanauri. The travelers can see Ananuri Fortress of the 17th century. The monument encloses two churches which are wrapped in a fortification. The landscapes are diverse, views of the fortress – spectacular!